Text by Anthony Thomas

I don’t know if you know about these guys but you definitely should. Luke Naysayer and Sam Gilsun have come leaps and bounds from their beginnings, DJ-ing house parties and club nights in Melbourne, that’s for sure. After working the DJ circuit for a couple of years, the duo began to focus on a new project, NGTV. I’m not going to go into elaborate detail (eat your heart out here) but essentially, NGTV is an audio-visual pursuit that resulted in some of the coolest mash up clips you will come across. The clips were met with excited praise within creative circles and have seen the pair carve a unique niche for themselves, along with a loyal domestic following. 2012, however, saw them refocus once again; this time around shifting their creative gaze to penning original tracks. They released the first single, ‘In Mind’ feat. Simon Lam, off the imminent debut EP late last year, and if it’s indicative of what’s to come then NG should be preparing to be launched into a new stratosphere of cool later this year. Big things are on the horizon for these guys to say the least so keep an ear out. I had a chat with the boys ahead of their performance at Sugar Mountain this weekend, check it.

Full interview published online in Moustache Magazine.


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