Text by Anthony Thomas

Attn: Brisbane, I’d like to introduce you to Bloods. You may have heard of them? Maybe you haven’t. Either way, you do now. They are this really cool three-piece from Sydney. What do they sound like? Imagine you’re at the best house party you have ever been to. Okay now, you know that awesome garage band with the lead singer you’ve wanted to pash all night but you got too drunk and now can’t remember what they’re called? That’s Bloods. The only difference is they’re better than that band you’re imagining right now. Why’s that? Because you’re guaranteed to remember their name the next day. If you don’t, then maybe you were at the wrong party. Anyway, they’ve got a whole heap of cool shit coming up and they thought it would be a good idea to have a chat about it all. I’m glad they did. I hadn’t been on the phone with front-woman, MC, for more than five minutes before a bright and bubbly personality, bursting with charisma revealed itself. You can tick the rising star box for these guys. Check out their Facebook page for more info on where you can see them live soon/finally make out with the singer of that band (not guaranteed).

MM: Hey MC, how are you?
MC: Hello! I’m good, what about you?

Not too bad. What’s going on?
Just putting some sugar in my coffee actually.

How many sugars do you take?
Just the one, a long black with one sugar.

Have the seen the clip for Snoop Lion’s new song?
No I haven’t.

You definitely should after this; it was intense. The point was I wanted to ask if Bloods will ever write a highly political song?
Oh! Yeah, I mean I don’t think we would be opposed to it. I reckon I would have a few things to say, not so much about politics but definitely about the state of the world.

Anything in particular?
Hmmm, I don’t know. With our songs it’s definitely always about how we’re feeling at the time. So if I was down or angry about something then I’m sure that would definitely manifest itself into lyrics in some way.

Cool. Before Bloods, what did you guys do?
We used to all play in a band together. That was six-piece so it was quite different but we were all good mates, like I’ve known Sweetie and Dirk for about eight years or something. We’re all pretty tight and then we just decided to start a band.

There must be heaps more freedom for you guys now.
Oh, god yes! So much better. Even just logistics when you have a band, even with three people it gets a little tricky because everybody’s got their own life, but with six it was the worst. It was actually the worst. Trying to get things like rehearsals sorted was impossible. That kind of thing with a three piece is just so much easier. The song writing as well, we find we always write songs really quickly because there’s just three of us and we’re all very much in sync with each other. It just comes really naturally.

You guys play a shit load of shows down in Sydney. What’s the scene like down there?
The scene’s pretty good. We’ve been very lucky in that we’ve been supported by some really great people who invite us to play with them, which is nice. It’s a pretty tight scene here; the venues you play at seem like a second home. There was one stage last year where we were playing at GOODGOD every week of that month. I think we ended up playing like six weeks in a row at that one venue. I guess in Sydney, it’s very much that certain venues have certain bands so you end up at the same old haunts, which is awesome because the people that run them are really supportive.

I’ve heard that it does get quite segmented in terms of venues being quite genre-specific.
Yeah. GOODGOD is probably one of the ones that is super eclectic in that sense. Like they’ll have punk bands on and they’ll have an RnB dance party afterwards. But it is definitely more segmented. There’s a lot of bars in Sydney and not that many live venues but I guess people like to drink and dance.

Do people get down to a Bloods set?
You know what? They have started to and we absolutely love it. We love it so much! When I first started playing music, the one thing that I said that I wanted to do was be in a band that people danced to. I just love watching people have a good time. It makes us so happy when the audience is getting into it. It helps us perform better because we get really excited and our music’s pretty hyperactive so it does make us get right into it when we see people dancing.

I read that you really like cats. What would you say if I told you I hate those things?
Oh man! Each to their own, but I just don’t understand that. They’re so cute and smart. I’ve had cats my whole life so that’s where it all comes from for me. One of my best friends when I was like, seven, was my cat. I would literally come home and start talking to my cat, which is a bit mental but whatever. I am a bit of a crazy cat woman. The good thing about cats, man, is you don’t have to worry about them too much because they’re independent. I mean, I like dogs and gibbons too, but umm, cats are just my jam.

Okay, now might be a good time to tell you that I don’t actually hate cats. This was all just a test. You passed.
[laughs] Yes!

Alright, you guys took a writing holiday out in the Hunter Valley recently. How was that?
It was actually really awesome. We recorded a couple of songs. One of them is going to be the first single off whatever we put out this year. We’re still deciding whether we want to put out a long EP or an album. But yeah, it was awesome, man. So much fun, so good to get away to just focus on recording and putting these songs together. We just wish we had enough money to this all the time. We took along a mate of ours who was just an awesome addition to the house and the guy who was recording us, Liam, he is such a legend. It was like a mini family; we cooked for each other, played music but mostly got drunk and played really dumb drinking games [laughs].

Are you leaning towards the longer-form EP or an album for your next release at this stage?
I think, at this stage, we’re leaning towards the EP option. Being an independent band we don’t really have anyone funding anything we do, we pay for it all ourselves. I mean, we do everything pretty cheap but even so, putting a record together is expensive. It is also a matter of anything we put out, we want it to be our best material. We’ve written soooo many songs and put out three singles. And we’ve actually also got an EP coming out, which will be announced later on somewhere else in the world. So we’ve given four songs to another release. We’re at the stage where we’re widdling down our tracks and looking to put out something that’s not necessarily taking into account what we’ve put out before. But to answer your question, we’re still debating it but at this stage we’ll probably put out a six-track EP this year and a record early next. I reckon that’s a solid plan.

You say you’ve been working on material that’s different to what you’ve done previously. How so?
When we first started playing we were very much based on our level of ability. I don’t know if you know this but Sweetie and I aren’t officially trained on the instruments we play in Bloods. I’m actually a bass player, Sweetie’s a violinist, and Dirk’s a guitarist. When we first started Blood we were just like, “Let’s play these three instruments, it will make it even more fun.” So the songs we were coming up with were just based on what we could do with our instruments at the time. Now that we’ve been together for almost two years, our song writing has developed a bit more. We’re definitely becoming a lot more proficient without instruments and also more confident in the set of the three of us to be able to experiment further with what we do. Everything we’re writing is still so Bloods but it’s, you know, a little bit more of a developed Bloods. The first single we’re putting out at the beginning of May, and I think it will speak for itself. The instrumentation is a lot more interesting and dynamic, the singing is a lot more confident. It still sounds like us but it’s just a little bit different, hopefully people like it!

Did you have a moment being a “fun band” to “Holy shit, people like us!”?
That’s exactly the vibe actually. We still spin that people like our music because it definitely started as just a fun, it was literally in my living room. When we first started, I had a stack of songs that I’d written and we’d sit in front of a computer and everyone would play out their parts. We’d all sing at the same time, we’d be tapping on, like, a pot or something, and then a friend of ours offered to record us. It has been just so awesome and so exciting that people like these tunes because some of them are pretty silly.

You’ve got shows supporting The Rubens, Jungle Giants, and the Hand Games tour. Um, hell yes?
So excited!

Are they some of the bigger bands you’ve supported?
Ummm, you know what? I’ll say yes. We’ve been so lucky man. We’ve played shows with people like the Dum Dum Girls, who we fucking love. We got to play with JEFF the Brotherhood. Then we get an email one day saying, “Hey, Ruban from Unknown Mortal Orchestra personally selected you guys to be their main support. Would you guys want to play with them?” Which totally blew our minds. So we’ve played some shows with some pretty sick internationals but I think playing with Australian bands who are doing fucking awesome stuff, like the Rubens, Jungle Giants, and Fishing, is just so exciting because we love Australian music. That sounds corny but actually really do and we’re just really excited to get on the road and play some shows with these legends.

Which Australian bands are you guys into at the moment?
My personal favourite at the moment I’d have to say is Step-Panther. I love them so much. They’re just so great, such an amazing band. Steve’s a good mate of mine but that aside, I’ve always just completely been in awe of his songwriting and I think that will resonate for a really long time. They don’t sound like a period. They’re current but the songs are just such good songs. I think people will re-record in the future and they will sound amazing. Other than that, I love Straight Arrow and Royal Headache. Everyone likes Royal Headache though, right? They could literally record through on an iPhone in another room and their songs would sound amazing. It’s such an exciting time for Australian music.

Have you been up to Brisbane before?
We’ve only played once at the Alhambra Lounge birthday party, which was so much fun. We love Brisbane. Personally, I’ve managed to get up to Brisbane more than a few times. It’s always such a good vibe. Especially when you go and see a band, people genuinely get into it and that’s what we like.

One last question; can you tell me the title of the single you’re releasing in May?
Yes, we do. We actually just changed because the original title was “You’re The One That I Want”, and every time we said it just remembered us of that Grease song. So now it’s called “Back To You”.

Awesome chatting MC!

Published online in Moustache Magazine.