Text by Anthony Thomas and Photography by Chris Polak

For a lot of young people, their entertainment consumption occurs via a night club. In exchange for your cash, clubs offer a place to indulge and, as the latest trendy DJ spins his tracks, hopefully make all your wildest fantasies come true. Club culture is a viciously selective beast though. New event nights pop up weekly, but without the support of a major establishment, they’re forgotten just as quickly. A majority of people just don’t want to be challenged while they are relaxing (fair enough). For the minority though, it’s a fucking nightmare. Thankfully, there is light at the end of the tunnel and for Brisbane, like a beacon, it’s shining brightly from The Kush Club (KC).

Not even a year old, KC has been responsible for bringing some huge names to Brisbane audiences hungry for something more than your typical bangers. Think Lunice, Fantastic Mr Fox, Teengirl Fantasy. The list goes on. Then, just when you’re sure their booking choices couldn’t be any more flawless, they announce Mosca as the latest. Oh, and they’re going to be holding the party on a boat. Naturally, the opportunity was too great to pass up.

Perfect weather, check. Cool people, check. Killer vibes, check. After the mandatory safety spiel from the captain there was no stopping the good times from rolling. To say the next five hours went above and beyond all my expectations is an understatement. They were completely blown out of the water.

Along with the rest partygoers, I spent the first hour or so talking to… everybody. You know how at some parties people make it impossible to socialise, that whole “I’m better than you” complex, or whatever? Yeah, well, there was none of that shit here. Skaters, marketing people, tourists, chefs, tradies, and students; I talked to someone from every walk of life, the common thread being everyone was here to have nothing short of a good time.

But the company was only half the story. What about the music? I’m a fan but won’t pretend to be an expert on the finer details of house music. Regardless I can tell you this: all day, the mighty purveyors of sound behind the decks consistently delivered track after track of audio porn. The only reason you weren’t dancing was for a drink refill or to catch your breath. I’m not joking.

Well, that was until our boy, Mosca, took to the decks, then there was no excuse for slacking off. The chill out room below was vacant, the dancefloor above the polar opposite. I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of a collective dancefloor experience – it sounds wanky as hell, I know – but it’s best way I can phrase what being on-board was like. Inhibitions and pretentiousness were forgotten at the boat terminal, replaced instead with open minds and even better attitudes. What. A. Day.

Most events follow the same old formula with minor tweaks to a couple of the variables. The results are predictable. Boat parties might not be innovative but in the context Brisbane’s entertainment landscape it’s certainly a breath of fresh air. I can only hope the KC crew follow up the success of this trial with more and more. God knows we need it.

My advice until then? If you’re into good beats delivered by DJs who actually know what they’re doing and crowds who would rather enjoy themselves than deal with melodrama, I suggest you make sure you’re at the next KC party.

Published online in Moustache Magazine.